Operational Benefits


Pulsation-Free Smooth Laminar Flow

Pulsation-free flow enhances gentle processing of fragile products and eliminates costly damage while greatly reducing wear to pump, related piping, and instrumentation.

No Tight Internal Tolerances

This allows the disk pump to pass large and irregular hard solids as well as a variable solids stream without plugging.

Low NPSH Requirement

The disk  low NPSH ranges from approximately 1/3 to 1/2 that of conventional centrifugal pumps in the same service due to the smooth laminar flow generated by this design.

Dry-Run Capability

The disk  pump design is capable of being operated indefinitely with zero process fluid.

NOTE: The mechanical seal must be flushed during dry-running.

Dead-Heading Discharge/Starving Suction

It is possible to deadhead the discharge and/or starve the suction for extended periods of time at normal operating speeds with no damage to the pump. (Not including sealing device unless it is properly protected and lubricated.)

Minimal Radial and Axial Loads

Exceptional low radial and axial loads generated by the disk rotor result in extended seal, bearing, and shaft life. This is attributed to laminar flow within the disk.

Exceptionally Versatile Design

Capability of handling a wide range of conditions without requiring internal modifications, even with large variations in process viscosity, temperature, solids type or concentration without process interruption.

Long Life for Pump Components

Few, if any, spare parts are required for the disk rotor pump over its life. The oversized shaft, along with minimal axial or radial loads, greatly extend and maximize bearing and seal life.

Low Maintenance/Spare Parts Requirements

Disk rotor pumps are subject to minimal wear even in the most abrasive services due to minimal fluid to pump service contact and laminar flow characteristics. 

Maximum Run Time and Reliability

TESLA DISK PUMPS™ are simply the most reliable pumps on the market for hard-to-pump applications. The disk rotor has no close tolerances thus enhancing minimal fluid contacting action. This factor contributes to maximum run time by reducing excessive wear on the internal wet-end preventing unexpected failures.

Higher Production Yields and Improved Product Quality

When pumping delicate, shear sensitive, or otherwise sensitive products, the disk rotor increases productivity by reducing product losses due to the minimal contact pumping mechanism and laminar flow. Savings can be phenomenal with some pumps actually paying for themselves in a matter of weeks.