How It Works

What Makes a Tesla Disk Pump Different

The following describes boundary layer and viscous drag phenomena, which are two properties of fluids TESLA DISK PUMPS™ use to transfer energy from the motor to the fluid being pumped. 

  • Fluid is confined between twin rotating shrouds and rotates with the shrouds. 
  • Because the layer of fluid immediately adjacent to the shroud remains "fixed" relative to that shroud face,  subsequent layers of fluid resist separation from the adjacent layer and the entire fluid mass begins to rotate. 
  • As the fluid gains energy, it moves outward on the TESLA DISK gaining additional energy and continuing on. 
  • The actual path of the fluid through the pump becomes a spiral  path. TESLA DISK PUMPS™ display similar (but not identical) diameter, RPM, and pressure relationships to that of conventional impeller pumps. 
  • The reason for any departure is that fluid velocity is not fixed by the local disk velocity but is rather a function of  disk spacing, fluid viscosity and density, radial velocity, and disk velocity. 
  • The flow in the rotating disk falls somewhere between forced vortex and free vortex circulation.

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 The top four performance advantages of the TESLA DISK Rotor are: 

  1. Low NPSH requirement
  2. Ability to handle viscous fluids at higher efficiencies than a centrifugal
  3. Resistance to wear from abrasive liquids
  4. Larger solids-handling without plugging

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Why Choose A Tesla Disk Pump

The newly-designed TESLA DISK PUMPS™ have lower NPSHR and are among the lowest in the centrifugal pumps market. 

  • This efficiency is 4-6% better than other similar style pumps. 

Cutting-edge technology offers close-coupled pumps which save you money and reduce space allocation. 

  • Due to the low L3 D4 radial load to rotating disk within the pump housing, any standard C-faced motor from storeroom stock can be used. (No special proprietary motor is needed for back-up spares.)  

TESLA DISK PUMPS™ bearing frames are constructed in a heavy duty rigid style which comes standard with bearing isolators. 

  • Powder coating is applied to ensure long-term protection from harsh working environments. 
  • For those who need greater protection, TDP® offers bearing frame upgrades in either 316 Stainless Steel or Alloy 20 as alternatives. 

TESLA DISK PUMPS™ are 100% interchangeable with other pump models on the market such as Mission, some Crane Deming, and other slurry disk pumps, which saves you  money.
All pumps are non-witnessed Hydro tested prior to shipping to ensure the highest quality and reliability.   

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Close Coupled Assembly