Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter.


~Nikola Tesla~

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At TDP®,  our pumps are designed for the most abrasive and erosive particulates, slurries, and sludge. They gently handle the most fragile crystals, sensitive chemicals, and polymer emulsions.   TESLA DISK PUMPS™ are specifically engineered products designed to meet your challenging process requirements. Our pumps are built for toughness and durability against abrasive slurries, sludge, drilling scale, coatings, and filter press feeds. With a unique design, TESLA DISK PUMPS™ can move pipe-size solids without clogging or plugging as other pumps can. TESLA DISK PUMPS™ use the latest improved designs of disk pump technology. They can also be retrofitted to replace impellers from open, semi-open, recessed, and air/gas entrained particles, high solids, and high viscosities. 

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Noble Drilling highlights Tesla Disk Pumps at the 2018 IADC-SPE Drilling Conference In Fort Worth, TX

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         Tesla Disk Pump™ Bearing Frame Assembly

In this 3D modeling, you will see how simple and easy                  your Tesla Pumps™ are assembled. 

How it Works

We describe boundary layer and viscous drag phenomena, which are two properties of fluids that TESLA DISK PUMPS™ uses to transfer energy from the motor to the fluid being pumped.

Operational Benefits

Let us explain what makes TESLA DISK PUMPS™ beneficial for your facility.

Pump Applications

TESLA DISK PUMPS™ supplies the following plus many more applications. If you don't see your application, please contact us for more specifics.

Styles & Uses

TESLA DISK PUMPS™ come in a variety of styles. We'll explain what we offer in styles and sizes and what conditions are great for each.

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Tesla Disk Pumps™ can handle a variety of applications!