Pump Applications

Chemical / Petrochemical Processing


We find solutions for the the most harsh pump applications. Acid slurries; adhesive; amide slurry; ammonium bromide crystals; calcium stearate; carbon black; catalyst; emulsion latex, filter press feed; glycol; methanol resin; solvent; soda ash; carbon slurry; sulphuric acid; titanium dioxide; uranium sludge; zeolite slurry; lime slurry(70%+); titanium dioxide; calcium carbonate; synthetic fuels (40%+ abrasives); clay; oil with sand; heavy salt brines; DE pre-coat; bottom and fly ash; and more.

Petroleum / Oil & Gas Offshore & Onshore


Drilling mud; subsea mud and de-silter pumping; crude oil; multiphase pumping, sand oil slurry pumping; gas-entrained sludge; oil emulsions; tank bottom transfer; oil with sand; waste; hot and heavy oils; and more.

Pulp & Paper


Black liquor soap; green liquor dregs; clarifier sludge, paper stock to 18% consistency; pulp to 16% consistency; kaolin clay, filter rejects; talloil soap; air-entrained sludge; black, green, white liquors; Titanium Dioxide - TIO2; and more.

Waste & Water Treatment


Flash or rapid mixing; flocculation; carbon make-down; lime slurry or slaked pebble lime; polymer or polyelectrolyte day tanks; water treatment chemicals; Mg(OH)2; phosphates; filter aids; neutralization; equalization; scum mixing; sludge; aeration; anoxic mixing; anaerobic digesters; and more.



Salt crystal slurries; pill coatings; protein; water, methanol, hexane; polyol; ferric nitrate crystals; toluene; organic solvents; blood plasma; media prep; extraction; filter aid; and more.

Minerals Processing


Alumina; gold leach; copper SX pump mixers & settlers; silver, platinum or precious metals recovery; and more.

Food & Beverage Processing


Condiments; soups; tomato sauce (with chunks); paste; juice; starch; flavors & fragrances; dextrose; maltose; fructose; crystallizers; fruit juices; re-fried beans; hydrogenation; milk; brewery; infant prep; cooked corn; egg whites; corn syrup; cola syrup; dairy products; molasses; chicken and by-products; poultry waste; animal fat; and more.

CPI & General


Inks; pigments; dyes; binders; adhesives; polish; styrene; polymers (numerous); paints; titanium dioxide; varnish; gelatins; emulsions; cellulous; flue gas & desulphurization; tall oil; plaster; foundry prep; acids; cosmetics; health & beauty products, rubber crum; carbonators, gypsum, sulfonating, potash; iron oxide; zinc oxide; animal fats; vegetable oils; mud; fertilizers; latex; cutting fluids; and more.

Other Major Applications


Environmental dredging & cleanup; steel and metal manufacture; phosphate mining; mine de-watering; ceramic, glass, pump stone applications; nuclear and coal-fired power plant utilities; agriculture; maritime applications; hospitals; filter press feed; filter cake; latex; polymers; sand; gravel; grit; reactor column bottoms; gypsum; hot tar; underflow thickener sludge; blending; solid suspension; slurry mixtures; gas-liquid; storage; batch & continuous; and more.

Special Applications


Tanker & Rail car unloading; coal fines and sediment; lift stations; fumed silica (dry) rail and tanker; fumed silica (slurry and dry power); loading; sugar crystals; crystalline suspensions; and more.



CCS 2x1.5x8H31/CD4/6.875"

Process Application: Sulfur Oxide (Tar Balls)  Material of Construction: CD4 

10 GPM at 200 Ft. TDH

Specific Gravity 1.46 

Solids  5% Viscosity 10 cPs

BFM 6x4x14H50/Alloy 20  

Process Application: Sulferic Acid/ Methanacrlamide  

Materials of Construction: Alloy 20 

950 GPM at 110.0 Ft. TDH 10% Solids at 0-15% Air

60cP Viscosity 1.50 Specific Gravity 

100 degrees C 4-12 pH

CCS 2x1.5x8 H31/CD4   

Process Application: Sulfuric Acid 98% Water 5% 

Materials of Construction: CD4 

30-40 GPM at 65 Ft. TDH  10cP Viscosity 

1.05 Specific  Gravity 

150 degrees F

BFM 4x2x14L25 /340  

Process Application: CaCl Slurry 

250 GPM at 70 Ft. TDH

100-500 Micron Solids at 14% 

10cP Viscosity 

1.4 Specific Gravity 

160 degrees F

BFS 150x100x250H50 

Process Application: PU 415 Zeolite 

10.0m3/h at 22.0 m TDH  0.1 mm Solids 30%  Viscosity 150 cPs

1.650 Specific Gravity  

30 degrees C 11 pH  

CCS 2x1.5x8H31/A20

Process Application: Benozacor 

Material of Construction Alloy 20 

40 GPM at 60 Ft. TDH

500cP Viscosity  1.5 Specific Gravity 

115 degrees C  


CCM 4x3x14/2S/WCB/A532/13"

Process Application: Recycled Plastics

Material of Construction WCB/ A532

150 GPM at 14 Ft. TDH

30% Solids (1.50 inch)

1-3000 cP Viscosity 

1 Specific Gravity

90 degrees F

VPBFM 150x100x356H50 (6x4x14")

Process Application: Sludge

150 GPM at 22 Ft. TDH

Material of Construction ASTM A532

70% Solids 2.125" size

8000cP Viscosity

2.3 Specific Gravity

80 degrees C

CCS 2x1.5x8H31/340/5.69 

Process Application: Blood  

Materials of Construction: ATSM A532 

80 GPM at 25Ft. TDH

60% Solids at 1/4” Dia.


CCM 6x4x14H50/A532/13/284 

Process Application: Feather Floor Sump 

Materials of Construction: ASTM A532  

120 GPM at 60 Ft. TDH 25% Solids at 2.5” Dia.  

CCS 3x2x10H31/A532/9.5 

Process Application: Fat 

Materials of Construction: ASTM A532 

100 GPM at 80 Ft. TDH 

10% Solids at 5/8” Dia.

CCM 6x2x14L25/340/12.92 

Process Application: Blood Coagulator 

Materials of Construction: ASTM A532 60 GPM at 160 Ft. TDH   80% Solids at 1/2 ” Dia.  

 Viscosity 9000cPs         

Shear Sensitive - Delicates

SPCCS 2x1.5x8x2SSD/ALUM/316/8"  

Process Application: Salmon Eggs 

Material of Construction: Aluminum 

 25 GPM at 8 Ft. TDH .125 (1/4) inch solids (delicate)  1 cP Viscocity  1 Specific Gravity  

75 Degrees F

 Water & Wastewater

VSP 3x2x10H31/316S/7.0"

Vertical Sump Pump 

Process Application: MDEA Water  

Materials of Construction 316SS 

44 GPM at 180 Ft. TDH

3.97-27.94cP Viscosity 

1.013-1.041 Specific Gravity 

41-257 degrees F

BFM 4x2x14/ A532/13.6"   

Process Application: Salt Water Slurry 

Material of Construction: A532 

166 GPM at 92 Ft. TDH

500 Micron Solids 

15.40% 2.5 cP Viscosity 

1.18 Specific Gravity 

240 degrees F

SPCCM 3x2x10 H31/A 20/7.75" 

 Process Application: Storm Water with Acid 

Materials of Construction: Alloy 20 

300 GPM at 183 Ft. TDH

Self Primer

20% Solids at 1.250% Air 

1cP Viscocity

.92 Specific Gravity 

212 degrees C 



BFMLHD 6x4x14/WCB/600#RF    

Process Application: Crude Oil 

Materials of Construction: WCB 

528 GPM at 280 Ft. TDH

.953-.956 Specific Gravity  

55 degrees C  

SBM 10x8x20H75/WCB/125HP Submersible  

Process Application: Oil-Water Run Off-Rocks-Rags-Waste Sump 

Materials of Construction: WCB  

1320 GPM at 40 Ft. TDH

100-400 cP Viscosity  

68-77 degrees F